• a 9.8 Gradient Combat Telepath trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry
  • leader of the Psy defectors in Venice
  • considered to be one of the strongest, most deadly of all of the Arrow Squad despite her small size
  • one of the five Arrows Aden can draw and amplify powers from
  • in her late 20’s

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

  • born in Jordan, raised in an Arrow training facility in Turkey
  • survived a brutal, hellish childhood of beatings and torture by her own parents

She murdered her parents when she was only 7, nearly marked for termination.

Life with Silence Edit

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Tangle of Need Edit

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Physical Appearance Edit

  • 5 foot 2 and curvy
  • coal black eyes, barely shoulder-length curly dark hair
  • skin a shade between cream and golden brown

Personality and Traits Edit

  • has an iron-strong will and a harshly practical mind
  • believes she has inherited the insanity that ran through her family
  • not openly affectionate, but very protective
  • even as an adult, cannot tolerate being isolated on the psychic plane
  • considered by some to be a psychopath because of the brutality she showed when she killed her parents
  • gives the illusion of being Silent, but is filled with rage
  • possessive and violent about Aden Kai since childhood

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Family Edit

She is bonded to Aden Kai.

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