• 7.8 gradient telepath
  • a former teacher in the PsyNet, in charge of the young telepathic Arrows
  • father-son bond with Aden Kai
  • risked his own life to help the young Arrow children in his care
  • constant contact with children who had not finished their conditioning made him closer to his own emotions
  • in charge of the SnowDancer pre-teen crowd
  • quiet and intense, determined and strong willed
  • very protective of his family
  • a dominant male, even though not a wolf
  • brilliant at telepathic deceptions
  • maintained the appearance of almost perfect Silence
  • had to learn to shield any trace of emotion
  • partner Yelene aborted their second child when the Laurens were targeted for rehabilitation
  • mind works as a valve, or filter, for Sienna Lauren’s powers
  • will work to help the young Arrow children adapt to a life without Silence
  • good at making things with his hands
  • dark blonde hair with a hint of silver, pale green eyes
  • tall and powerful, lean and strong
  • sun golden skin
  • around 40 years old
  • father of Marlee Lauren, uncle of Sienna and Toby Lauren, brother of Judd Lauren
  • mate Lara Knight pregnant as of Allegiance of Honor

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