Name: Vaughn D'Angelo

  • Age: (?)
  • Race: Changling, Jaguar
  • Occupation: Sentinel, Artist (sculptor)
  • Family: Faith NightStar (mate), Skye D'Angelo (sister, deceased)

Vaughn is the male protaginist in Visions of Heat, a changling jaguar for DarkRiver and a sentinel. His biological family, which included his younger sister Skye and his parents are all desceased. He is mated with F-Psy Faith NightStar. 

Race and PowersEdit

Vaughn is a Jaguar changling with the ability to shift between human and jaguar form. He is extremly stealthy and a very efficiant hunter. Throught Visions of Heat he displays his stealth by repeatedly inflatrating a highly secure Psy compound.

Due to being abandoned in the forest as a child by his parents, Vaughn's beast is much closer to the surface then in most changlings. At times, he appears to have trouble maintaining human form while under extreme duress, as indicated by the appearence of claws or 'full' cat eyes while still in human form.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vaughn is described as being very tall, lean and well muscled. His hair is amber-gold, and reaches his shoulders in length. He also has goldish eyes, odd-looking because they are always partly jaguar, even when he is in human form.


Having been abandoned as a child, Vaughn is more animal than most changlings. He is described as being very wild and passionate, as well as dangerous. Like all changeling males, he can be both aggressive and possesive, though he does it more openly than some of his packmates. Vaughn also seems very comfortable following his instincts, often acting impulsively and without explanation, especially where Faith is concern.

At the beginning of Visions of Heat. Vaughn expresses distaste towards the idea of having a mate. He enjoys his freedom and feels that having a mate would infringe upon that--for this reason, he is apparently very picky with his lovers.

After getting closer to Faith, Vaughn begins to show another part of his personality. He likes to tease and works to show faith his gentleness, though he is still very set in being what he is--an animal. Faith is the only indvidual who he will be tender with, and she seems the most apt to get him to laugh or smile.

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