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Set in an alternate world in the late 2070's and 2080's, the series tells the soul-mate romance stories of couples, underscored with the political dynamics of the alternate world. Most soul-mate couples cross racial lines (e.g., Psy-changeling, leopard-wolf, human-changeling).

The Worldbuilding[]

The premise of the story line involves growing revolutionary movements that threaten to upset the balance of power. In 2079, where the first novel, Slave to Sensation, starts, the Psy have been the dominant global power for almost a hundred years while subjecting themselves to something called Silence. One hundred years ago, the Psy Council found itself faced with a growing number of killers, driven insane by their inability to live a normal life while trying to control their powerful psychic abilities. Silence sought to eliminate emotion from the Psy, preventing some of their more unstable members from becoming murderers and allowing their people to use their talents without harming themselves or others. The changelings are divided into packs, and have mostly squabbled over territory, and have no overarching authority between packs, making unifying for a cause difficult. The humans do not have air-tight mental shields like changelings to protect them from the Psy, who in the pursuit of business, have been known to steal brilliant ideas from humans and leave them for destitution.

As the series begins, an ever-growing number of Psy are revolting against both the Silence and the Council itself. The changelings have always hated the supremacy of the Psy, but a successful business alliance has evolved between the two groups so that they have, on the surface, a relatively civil relationship. The humans also hate the Psy, and their leaders have begun trying to take down the Psy Council. However, the balance has begun to shift, starting with the alliance of two powerful packs in California: the DarkRiver pack based in San Francisco, and the SnowDancer pack controlling the rest of California. Under the surface, though, there's something much more threatening to the stability of the PsyNet and all Psy that's been brewing since Silence was implemented. As the series advances, the Psy rebellion grows in strength, but the powerful Psy purists fight back. Eventually, the PsyNet itself begins to fail in portions, from a degradation that started when humans and emotions were removed from the network. The underlying message of the series is that emotions are a necessary and valuable part of life and love.

Interestingly enough, though the Psy have completely separated from intermarrying with humans and changelings as they did before Silence, they have completely obscured race as we consider it, interbreeding regardless of national or ethnic origins. However, the Psy have isolated themselves according to their own definition of race, refusing to interbreed with changelings or humans.


Official Gazette San Francisco

PsyNet Beacon


Psy: They appear to be human, but are actually physically weaker. They have a variety of powerful psychic talents (e.g., healing, empathy, telepathy, telekinesis) and must always be connected to the PsyNet, an interconnection of the minds of all Psy, or they die. They are led by the Psy Council, which is a cynical, corrupt and power-hungry group that connects through the PsyNet.

Changelings: These are the shapeshifters, mostly leopards and wolves, but also falcons and rats. Each group has their own mental network, an inter-connection of the minds of the top members (alphas and second-in-commands) within each changeling group. They are led by their alphas, though the second-in-commands provide check-and-balance on that power.

Humans: This is the weakest group, generally at the mercy of the Psy. They are led by the Human Alliance, a mysterious and violent group that works tirelessly for human domination.

Medical Advancement[]

Medics of all races uses scanners to diagnose injury and disease. Doctors are often referred to as medics unless they are surgeons. Neurosurgery and vascular surgery is far ahead of the surgical techniques at the beginning of the 21st century. Fractures and wounds heal much faster, especially for the changeling races. There are certain Psy who can heal on the cellular level - Judd Lauren is one when he uses his Psy powers to heal himself and sometimes others. The Aleines can work at the DNA level, sometimes to heal. Ashaya Aleine helps her mate Dorian be able to shift into his leopard form by working with his DNA.

Technical Advancement[]

There are several advances which have been made. Some include:

  • Cars: Run on energy cells that were invented by the changelings. They can be programmed with a destination and drive themselves to the location. The automatic navigation system only works on streets, not forest area or in parking garages.  
  • Fabric: Synthetic leather is called leather-synth. Common in jackets.  
  • Laz-Fire: Invented by the Psy, it's an energy saving and cheap heater. The generator imitates real fire.
  • Organizer: Miniature computers, and occasionally has proprietary technology. They can fit in a pocket, similar to a smartphone.

18th Century[]

Territorial Wars[]

  • 1700s — The Territorial Wars ravage the Changelings, until a human, Adrian Kenner, negotiates the Peace Accord for the packs, forming rules of engagement, boundaries, enforcement, environmental care, and territory. See more at Territorial Wars

Human Alliance[]

The Human Alliance is born in the ashes of the Territorial Wars, three centuries ago.

The chairman had fouled something humans had created after the Territorial Wars as a way to rebuild their lives. Now that powerful business/education network was under fire around the world, with innocent men and women being accused of masterminding violence. Bowen had to prove the Alliance was more than that—first to their members, then to the world. (Branded by Fire)

Pre-Silence (until 1979)[]

  • date unknown — the Mercury cult forms, fanatically proclaiming that Silence will end insanity in the psy race. After decades and an eventual study, their ideas gain respect (see Visions of Heat, ch 13)
  • 1968 -Alice Eldridge  studies different Psy designations, focusing on the Empaths
  • 1970 - Alice Eldridge begins to study the X-Psy next to her E-Psy studies
  • 1973 - The Forgotten oppose the Silence theory and exit the PsyNet to hide (Mine to Possess) “The Psy populace grows wary and begins to form small nets abandoning the PsyNet and joining the Changelings and Humans in order to survive.
  • 1973 - empath Ai Kumamoto is born
  • 1976 - Psy Council changes the objective of Mercury to Silence


  • The Silence Protocol is enacted for all Psy remaining in the PsyNet, enrolling all children under seven years of age in the Silence Protocol
    • Silence protocol is changed to stop Psy from feeling any kind of emotion

Silence (1979 - 2082)[]


  • all of Alice Eldridge's work is destroyed in a massive purge


  • Psy attempt to ban Christmas
    • they lose the campaign in 2021
  • Santano Enrique is born


  • The Psy stop attempting to ban Christmas



  • Approximate date of the Second Reformation of the Catholic Church



  • Walker Lauren is born
  • Axl is born, becomes one of the Arrows
  • Varun Rao is killed by his father while his sister Payal Rao is forced to watch


  • Lalit Rao is born



  • Lhosa Kinshasa is born















  • Tamsyn Mahaire and Nate Ryder discover they are mates, but do not act on their mate bond
  • Marine NightStar is born
  • Tanique Gray is born, the son of Anthony Kyriakus
  • Rissa dies, Hawke Snow’s childhood sweetheart



  • The ShadowWalker leopard pack attacks and kills Lucas Hunter’s parents, leaving him (13) barely alive
    • Carlo and Shayla Hunter are killed 
    • The DarkRiver pack declares martial law within their pack territory



  • Beat of Temptation [novella]
    • Tamsyn (19) and Nate (29) complete their mating bond
  • Riordan is born
  • Alejandro is born
  • Zaira Neve (7) kills her parents and is assigned to the Arrow Squad


  • Sienna Lauren is born
  • Judd Lauren (10) begins his Arrow training after accidentally killing Paul; he is erased from the Lauren Family records
  • Marjorie Kai and Naoshi Ayze fake their deaths
  • Nicki is born among the leopards of DarkRiver
  • DarkRiver leopards Noelle and Lissa Quinn are born


  • Nathan Ryder becomes a DarkRiver Sentinel
  • Lucas Hunter (18) goes hunting with Nathan Ryder, Vaughn D'Angelo, and Clay Bennett and kills every male ShadowWalker leopard as revenge for his parents



  • Mercy Smith crowned Miss Bikini Babe
  • Beatrice Gault is born, eventually joins the Arrows
  • Karishma Rao is born, younger artistic half-sister of Payal Rao


  • Ashaya and Amara (14) are buried alive in an earthquake
    • Ashaya's Silence fails


  • Lucas Hunter (23) becomes DarkRiver Alpha
  • death of Iliana Aleine
  • Joe and Jess Nicholson mate for life
  • Sophia Russo (16) begins her work as a J-Psy


  • Judd (18) becomes an active Arrow
  • Liam Nicholson is born
  • Amara (16) buries her twin alive to experiment on her condition


  • death of Lachlan, former DarkRiver Alpha
  • Juniper NightStar is born


  • Whisper of Sin [novella]
    • Emmett and Ria Wembley (22) form a mating bond
    • Joy Wembley is born
  • Marlee Lauren is born
  • Bryan Nicholson is born, older brother Liam (2)
  • Morgan Ainslow is born


  • Official Gazette of San Francisco declares the city belongs to the DarkRiver leopards
  • Keelie Schaeffer's PhD essay is published
  • Judd (21) begins working with Xavier Perez


  • disappearance of Sahara Kyriakus (16)
  • Brenna Kincaid (15) finishes high school
  • Riley (25) builds a chalet for his future mate
  • Annie Kildaire (23) starts teaching
  • Aneca from the Rats is born


  • death of Reina Duncan, leaving Nikita Duncan the official head of the Duncan family
  • Roman and Julian Ryder are born to Tamsyn Ryder and Nate
  • Jasper is born
  • Brenna (16) begins the communication project TRYS



  • Kylie Christensen, a DarkRiver leopard and younger sister of Dorian, is kidnapped and murdered by Santano Enrique
  • Mercy Smith (26) becomes a sentinel


  • The Lauren Family defects from the Net and finds shelter with the SnowDancer wolves



  • Stroke of Enticement [novella]
  • Mine to Possess [book #4]
    • Clay (35) and Talin become mated
  • Hostage to Pleasure [book #5]
    • Ashaya, Amara (26) and Keenan Aleine (4 1/2) defect from the PsyNet
    • the start of Pure Psy? (HtP ch.13)
  • Branded by Fire [book #6]
    • Mercy Smith (29) and Riley Kincaid (31) become mated
  • Blaze of Memory [book #7]


  • Bonds of Justice [book #8]
    • Max and Sophia Russo meet and get married
  • Play of Passion [book #9]
    • Indigo Riviere and Drew Kincaid become mated
  • Kiss of Snow [book #10]
    • discovery of the cryogenically frozen Alice Eldridge
    • Hawke Snow (33) and Sienna Lauren (18) become mated
    • Naya Hunter is born
  • Tangle of Need [book #11]


Post-Silence (from 2082)[]


  • Allegiance of Honor [book #15]
    • Isabella Maeve “Belle” (leopard - named for Mercy’s alpha grandmother and Riley’s mother), Acton Lucas “Ace” (wolf - named for Riley‘s father and Lucas Hunter) and Michael Hawke “Micah” Smith-Kincaid (wolf - named for Mercy’s father and Hawke Snow) are born, Belle first.  
    • Zie Zen dies of old age