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The Arrows are a highly trained group of lethal Psy assassins who operate in secret in the PsyNet. The Arrow Squad is made up of individuals with the most dangerous abilities (mostly Tks, high level and combat Tps, and designation X).

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The Arrow Squad was first organized over one century ago, protect and enforce the Silence Protocol. It began some years before 1979, when Silence was made law. The first Arrow was a combat telepath of ferocious power, a zealot for the cause of Silence, Zaid Adelaja. He also made sure the Arrows were paid a good salary.

More than a century ago, Zaid Adelaja formed the Arrow Squad to watch over Silence, to ensure it would never fall and shatter the PsyNet. (Kiss of Snow)

Gradually, Arrows began to also hunt down and kill the worst sociopaths, at first to cover up the fact that Silence wasn’t fixing the insanity problems within the psy race.

“The Arrows act as the only real control on the darkest elements of our race.. . .“I think when the squad was first formed, it was about doing whatever was necessary to keep Silence from falling. Even though I might not agree with the actions of those first Arrows, I can understand it came from a desire to protect the Psy race.” (Shield of Winter)

Pro-Silence Zealots[]

“We very much were zealots at the start, when Adelaja created the squad.” An elite unit formed to protect Silence, that had been their mission statement. For over a century, the Arrows had ensured no one dared raise his or her voice against the Protocol, believing it was Silence that had saved their race. Now they knew Silence had consequences that could lead to the extinction of their people (Tangle of Need)

Misused by Ming[]

The Arrow Squad was created with two goals: 1) Protect Silence and 2) Provide Psy with dangerous and unpredictable abilities a place to train in self-control and work to do with those extraordinary powers. However, the squad was misused —— for the personal gain of Ming LeBon and the Psy Council members.

Ousting Ming[]

Aden’s Parents[]

Aden Kai’s parents Marjorie Kai and Naoshi Ayze were dedicated Arrows. They first plotted an eventual uprising against commander Ming LeBon about 30 years ago, when they became aware of Ming’s perfidy. The slowly building Arrow rebellion against Ming began before Aden was born, but he was one of the essential pieces of their plot. Marjorie and Naoshi were determined to use the arrow squad for its original purpose, to protect Silence. They conceived a son Aden Kai with special genetic manipulation and planted him in the squad at a young age. When Ming decided to kill them because they were too deeply respected by the squad, they faked their own death and over the years helped other Arrows defect when needed. They ended up living in Venice at the secret compound for defected arrows.

“Zaira didn’t feel any special loyalty toward either Naoshi Ayze or Marjorie Kai. She accepted that they’d sown the seeds of rebellion.. . Quite frankly, neither Marjorie nor Naoshi had the imagination or the heart to see any other path but the cold, ascetic one Zaid Adelaja had laid down over a hundred years before, when he became the founding member of the squad.(Shards of Hope)

Aden & Vasic[]

Gradually, Aden built up loyalty to him and to Vasic and the well-being of each Arrow. Ming and his minions and psycho puppets were left in the dark —- they never knew about the secret rebellion simmering away beneath the surface.

“They teleported to a private medical facility Aden had set up after it became clear that the Council medics’ orders included getting rid of “broken” or “under performing” members of the squad. All three of the highly trained staff at this clinic were alive because an Arrow hadn’t carried out an assassination order while making it appear otherwise. Each was blood-loyal to the squad. (Shield of Winter)

In book 8, Bonds of Justice, the rebels Aden and Vasic let it be known to Kaleb Krychek that they are not loyal to Ming anymore. By book ten, the word is out. Squad leadership is out of Ming’s hands.


Although insanity and pathology was always a problem for psychic minds, the creation of the arrow squad provided a way to terminate sociopathic killers. Crime data from before the squad was created shows the difference the arrows have made.

The records she’d downloaded didn’t state that outright, didn’t even refer to the Arrows, but it was impossible to miss the stark difference in certain grim statistics before and after the formation of the squad, the date for which she’d received from Vasic. He hadn’t realized what he was giving her, how it clarified the data she’d begun to piece together. “No one ever talks about the serial murderers who suddenly stop killing.” Far too many to be explained away by any statistical model, the percentage so much higher than before the squad’s formation that it was obvious they’d dramatically altered the playing field. “Who else but the Arrows would take care of that dirty job year after year, decade after decade?”(Shield of Winter (book))

Intake Testing[]

At the highest enlistment, there were about 200 Arrows. More recently, 160 Arrows (Blaze of Memory)

Requirement: Intelligence, obedience, and high-gradient psychic abilities. Pass the personality and psychological tests.

While many of the Psy were dangerous, there were those with abilities so lethal that they were a danger to society. Their powerful and yet undisciplined minds needed to be tightly controlled. Many were the high gradient telekinetics, the travelers, the combat-grade telepathics, etc. These powerful children and youths often found themselves growing up in the Arrow Squad: the soldiers and police of their people.

After Silence[]

After the fall of Silence, Ming LeBon and his minions are cast out by the Arrows, and they ally themselves with Kaleb Krychek, but remain their own entity. The squad looks to Aden Kai for leadership and Kaleb gives him full authority for creating new and better training procedures. They participate in an experiment with Sascha Duncan and ten newly awakening Empaths in hope of stopping the encroaching infection in the PsyNet. They sign the Trinity Accord and vow to protect empaths and the Net. Aden Kai strives to create a new training environment for young arrows and a feeling of family. He assigns older senior arrows some teaching tasks that connect them with the children. He builds an arrow community in a hidden valley. He assigns his parents, the oldest arrows, to help the more senior arrows adjust to the post-silence world.


Central Command. Arrow headquarters is buried deep underground in a location inaccessible to anyone who didn’t know the correct routes and codes. Even a teleporter needed a visual lock, and there were no images of Arrow Central Command anywhere in the world, not in any database, not on the PsyNet, nowhere.

HQ includes a medical bay, a technology and surveillance center, a weapons locker, as well as various training areas. It also includes prison cells, interrogation chambers, sensory-deprivation bunkers, etc.

Despite the subterranean nature of the squad’s base of operations, on the other side of the glass office area lay a sprawling green space full of trees, ferns, even a natural-seeming pool, the area bathed in simulated sunlight that would change to moonlight as the day turned. This lighting system is SnowDancer technology.

After Ming LeBon is cast out of the squad, Aden Kai is given command and Nerida becomes the head of security for the Arrow Central Command compound. Tamar works there, too, as Aden’s information analyst and master of financial forensics.

Hidden Valley[]

“I’m not saying Central Command can’t continue to exist,” Walker said, “but it should function as the armored heart of a pack. A place where you can retreat to if necessary, hold off your enemies. There’s no reason to live your life in a subterranean space.” (Shards of Hope)

So, under new leadership after Ming LeBon is ousted from the squad, the Arrows begin to live and train in a newly built community in their hidden valley.

“The squad owns acres and acres of land around the entire compound.” Cris’s clear voice broke into his memories, drew his attention to the map, though he already knew the location inside out. The squad’s ownership spanned the entire valley and the jagged snowcapped mountains that bordered it on either end. Those mountains curved in on both sides, creating a natural barrier against any force on foot. It was part of the reason Zaid Adelaja, the first Arrow, had chosen the location for the first training compound. As a result of over a century of quiet moves by the squad to gain control of all land in the vicinity, there were no other structures, roads, or even comm beacons for fifty miles in every direction beyond the mountains. (Shards of Hope)

In this valley they nurture the young cadets and child-trainees. They build this sunnyside-up campus and community with designs and prefabs from DarkRiver architects, complete with houses, a playground, playfields, sandboxes, picnic tables, trees, flowers, gardens, etc. They still use the subterranean HQ for operational work. (Shards of Hope)

The funding for this hidden valley community came from all the Arrows’ accumulated paychecks, which they never spent, and which eventually Zie Zen invested, transforming it into a gold mine for the squad.

The Valley, as the squad had taken to calling this isolated piece of land cradled between the craggy peaks of two sets of mountains, was no longer as barren or as spartan as it had once been. Newly built cabins stood in small groupings, while pathways curved gently in and around those homes and across the Valley.(Allegiance of Honor)

Death / Burial[]

When Ming was in charge, the bodies of dead arrows simple disappeared with no gravesite or memorial. Aden changed all that. Now arrows are cremated and their ashes buried in a simple graveyard situated at the foot of the mountains on one end of the valley.

For many years, there had been no memorials, Arrows passing and gone without leaving a sign. Aden had begun the memorials behind Ming’s back. The day he’d finally ousted the other man, he’d ordered a larger memorial that listed the names of all the Arrows who had come and gone from the formation of the squad, starting with Zaid Adelaja. Each had existed. Each had a claim to the family of Arrows. (SoH)


Under Ming LeBon’s leadership, training was harsh and torturous. Arrows begin training at a very young age, some at 3 or 4 years of age. They are removed from their guardians and given to the care of a training facility. Due to the children's dangerous gifts (and the Sadistic pleasure of the power hungry), the training they receive is extensive and extremely abusive. Young Arrows often have their abilities leashed by a more experienced "trainer" and are then put in situations that are painful and/or deadly to teach them to control their emotions and the ability.

Known training "techniques":

  • Breaking bones over and over until the young Arrow can sustain the pain without expression.
  • Being placed in extreme temperatures without protection until the young Arrow can function without feeling the temperature or a punishment for showing emotion
  • Being placed in a room with a bomb or another (innocent) person to practice controlling their deadly gifts.

As an extremely strong Telepath, Walker Lauren, was once an Arrow Trainer. He is known for being a good teacher and for teaching his charges how to control their telepathic abilities with kindness. He also subtly taught them to hide certain aspects of their abilities. He was one of Aden's teachers.


Jax is a Psy drug with harmful effects on changelings. Senior Arrow Ming LeBon dosed the Arrows with it to ensure unquestioning obedience to the most horrific orders, flatlining the conscience, creating a killer mindset. Ming lied to the squad about why they needed jax and overdosed them, causing eventual brain damage in some, including Alejandro. Judd Lauren caught onto the lie and began pretending the drug was diminishing his abilities, so it was discontinued. Thus, Judd saved the minds and hearts of many fellow arrows. Aden Kai and Vasic Zen also worked to deceive Ming about jax, to save the squad members.

Ming stared at the other male, one of his most elite soldiers. As an Arrow, Vasic’s loyalty should have been beyond doubt. It wasn’t anything left to chance —— Arrows were all placed on a regimen of drugs meant to turn them into the most unwavering of killing machines. (Hostage to Pleasure (book) ch 6)

And see also Jax

The First Code of Arrows[]

  • "To be an Arrow is to be an island, devoid of attachments that create vulnerability."
    • First Code of Arrows (Revised): "To be an Arrow has always been to protect our people. That mandate now requires the protection of designation E. As of this update, the empaths are the squad's top priority - any threat to an E is to be swiftly mitigated."

This addition was made after the fall of Silence and the start of the Empathic Collective.

  • "The Protection of Silence is the mandate of every Arrow. Execution of those who would challenge the protocol will, at times, be necessary. Do not hesitate to take terminal action, for in so doing you protect our people from annihilation."
  • "Intelligence and the capacity for independent thought are prerequisites for entry into the Squad. An Arrow is a finely honed instrument capable of handling situations beyond the skill set of even the most well-trained black-ops soldier."
  • "An Arrow trusts no one but a member of the squad. Any Arrow who breaches this rule must be placed under immediate probation and given corrective training."
  • Aden Kai after the squad-wide consensus to update the code to his Arrows: "For many years, others have made choices for us, and those choices have defined us in darkness. Today, we make a free choice. We cannot know where that choice will lead us, but one thing I know - this is a path of honor... and perhaps redemption."

Skills and Abilities[]

The Arrows have a high concentration of rare and special skills. Next to high-level Gradient readings and a multitude of combat and martial art skills, these inculde a Tk-V (a Psy who can travel to a location of person in a microsecond), a Tk-C (a Psy who can move cells inside one's body), a Tk which can "mirror" and amplify powers by connecting to other Psy and channeling the power through himself, and F-Psy that can occasionally challenge Faith NightStar, and other non-disclosed talents.

telepathic cloaking


Ming LeBon[]

Arrow insignia during Ming’s regime: two snakes locked in combat

Ming LeBon (an Arrow himself) was the leader for two decades until he began to use the Arrows as private assassins to gain power for himself. Under Ming's "leadership" the Arrows killed and erased many people falsely thinking they were helping protect Silence and the PsyNet. Ming also was the major factor in starting the Arrows on a Jax regiment that eventually left many Arrows with brain damage so severe that they are unable to think for themselves. After outliving their usefulness to Ming, he would then have the Arrows killed. During his reign, Axl was considered Ming’s right-hand man despite his secret loyalty belonging to Aden. Secretly, a covert revolution built, or orchestrated by Aden, Axl, Vasic, Amin, Cristobel, and Zaira and senior arrow Edward

Kaleb Krychek[]

In book 8, Bonds of Justice (book), the rebel arrows decide that the time is fast approaching to kick Ming out. Squad leadership quietly passes from LeBon in book eight and into Aden Kai’s hands, allied tentatively with Kaleb Krychek.

Ming’s downfall becomes public knowledge by book ten, Kiss of Snow (book), when the uniform insignia changes from two snakes to a single ⭐️ platinum star. “a soldier whose uniform bore a silver star on one shoulder. Councilor Kaleb Krychek’s emblem, though he no longer laid claim to the title, the Council in pieces.” (KoS)

Aden Kai and Vasic Zen sneak into Kaleb’s house to leave a package, a message:

That box contained a pristine patch, such as might go on a uniform. The patch bore the image of two snakes in combat—Councilor Ming LeBon’s personal emblem. But piercing the fabric was a small, perfectly formed black arrow. The Arrow Squad, it seemed, had decided to terminate their allegiance to Ming. Kaleb didn’t make the mistake of thinking that allegiance had now shifted to him. No, this was a warning and an invitation in one. (BoJ)

Kaleb accepts the invitation. Aden aligns the Arrows with Kaleb after a "courtship period". They follow Kaleb's lead, however, it’s made very clear that, should Kaleb's goals ever turn against the squad or the empaths or the PsyNet, the Arrows will turn on him.

Aden Kai[]

The Arrow Squad remains allied with Kaleb Krychek but they follow the lead of a fellow Arrow, Aden Kai. Aden is the son of two Arrows, the first to see Ming for what he is. Aden’s parents brought him into the training facility as a child, groomed to be a sleeper, a spy, a covert rebel. While he has some telepathic abilities, his official job is as field medic. Aden is a strategic thinker and is completely loyal to each member of the squad. Under Aden's watch and care, the Arrows were subtly taken of of Jax and also actively worked against Ming. Several Arrows also defected from the PsyNet to save them from being killed under Ming's rule.

The Arrows fully divorce themselves from any relationship with Ming LeBon in Shield of Winter (book) when they effectively "change the locks" to their base, allowing Ming no access.

Finally, in Book 14, Shards of Hope (book), the squad decides to remain collaboratively allied with Krychek but to follow only another arrow, Aden Kai. “While the squad remained allied with the cardinal, they were no longer accepting any leadership but that from within their own ranks.” (SoH)

Ruling Coalition[]

After the destruction of the Council, the Ruling Coalition is created to give the Psy race leadership. The Arrows are a mostly silent quarter of this coalition which also includes Kaleb Krychek, Nikita Duncan, and Anthony Kyriakus. In book 14, Shards of Hope (book), the temporary emergency coalition becomes a permanent group. Members are Anthony Kyriakus, Nikita Duncan, Kaleb Krychek, Ivy Jane, with Arrow Aden Kai to protect the empath.

The Venice Group[]

A group of defected Arrows who had been saved by Aden Kai, Vasic Zen, and Zaira Neve and Stefan Berg when Ming overdosed them on Jax and secretly gave the termination order. They live in the Venetian Compound, secret and hidden. They created a small psychic Net of their own when they defected from the PsyNet. This group is still considered part of the Arrow Squad and works in conjunction with the squad on unseen tasks. Zaira Neve is the leader here.

Loyalty []

Foremost, their loyalty was to themselves. In order to function as a cohesive group, they had to be able to trust each other totally. This is also reflected in the First Code of Arrows.

Active Members[]

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