Talin McKade, also called Tally, is a Human who has 3% Psy DNA.

  • adept at picking up and reading emotions
  • almost perfect memory, highly intuitive
  • has air-tight mental shields
  • abandoned as a baby, spent her childhood in various foster homes
  • molested and abused by her foster father, Orrin Henderson
  • befriended Clay Bennett as a child
  • foster-father Orrin Henderson killed by Clay Bennett when she was eight
  • went close to insane after Clay Bennett was taken to prison
  • eventually adopted by a kind Iowa family named the Larkspurs
  • at 16 received a scholarship from the Shine Foundation
  • studied child psychology and social work in New York
  • diagnosed with a deadly brain disease, thought to be terminally ill
  • was suffering from a lack of feedback needed because of her Psy ancestry
  • worked at the Shine Foundation as a guardian
  • small, lightly freckled honey gold skin
  • deep tawny gold hair streaked with brown, gray eyes
  • 28 years old
  • mate of Clay Bennett
  • guardian of Jonquil “Jon” Duchslaya and Noor Hassan

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