• first appearance in Bonds of Justice
  • Gradient 8.5 J-Psy (Justice), with Gradient 1.5 backsight
  • disowned by her parents at age 8, turned over to the Psy state
  • as a child, abused and tortured by one of her Psy instructors
  • a working J-Psy since age 16
  • a telepath able to retrieve memories from the minds of others
  • able to project the memories she gathers to another person
  • one of the few able to bend or alter the memories they harvest
  • often targeted for assassination because of the memories she holds
  • shields nearly failed after so many years of seeing the depravity of others
  • dispenses her own brand of justice to the worst of the criminals
  • mind too deeply ingrained in the PsyNet to survive separation
  • has become a Sensitive where a simple touch could lead to shock or even death
  • kidnapped by serial killer Gerard Bonner
  • direct and honest, brave and strong
  • becomes a special advisor of Councilor Nikita Duncan
  • one of the few people completely trusted by Nikita Duncan
  • 28 years old
  • shoulder length curly charcoal black hair, purple-blue eyes
  • short but curvy
  • thin scars on her face
  • wife of Max Shannon

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