Silver Mercant is the Senior Aide of Kaleb Krychek and descendant of the Mercant Clan.

She is given the leadership of the new EmNet when it is created after the fall of Silence.

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Silver Mercant was pretty much raised by her grandmother Ena. As is the case in the Mercant family, her Silence conditioning was done based on her abilities and did not include force or pain.

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Personality and Traits Edit

Her eye colour is a unique shade between grey and blue. Her name is a common in the Mercant family because that eye colour is frequent her family.

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Family Edit

Ena Mercant is her grandmother, head of the Mercant Psy family. Silver is slated to takeover leadership of the family when Ena retires or passes. Silver's brother Arwen is an empath, a fact that the family kept hidden until the fall of silence. They share the same father and were born hours apart on the same day, to different mothers, making them almost twins. They are very close and can sense one another's emotions far more than most Psy siblings.

Relationships Edit

Very close to her grandmother Ena and to brother Arwen. Voted to have Kaleb included in the Mercant family. Mated to bear alpha Valentin of StoneWater.

Quotes Edit

"The answer remains the same. I do not wish to go have ice cream with you." Silver to Valentin at the beginning of the novel Silver Silence.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the second character to be named after her eye colour, the first one being Indigo.
  • she is mated to alpha Valentine Nikolaev
  • at the beginning of the book she measured 9.3

In the gradient;however her ability developed and got up at least 2 point in the gradient making her a 9.5 telephat (Mabey 9.6,9.7,9.8 or 9.9)

  • she's part of the StoneWater clan