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Silent Voices is a Psy group that advocates for a return to Silence. The spokesperson for PurePsy is Ida Mill.


Silent Voices is a Psy advocacy group that advocates for a return to Silence. This group publishes comments and opinions through the PsyNet-Beacon. They argue that Silence is the only answer for psy society, especially for children born with extreme Tk gifts, etc. The spokesperson for PurePsy is Ida Mill, who has just such a child.

They also advocate splicing the E-designation out of the gene pool, blaming empaths for the rot in the PsyNet. They see no good purpose in the Empaths and oppose the Empathic Collective.

“It’s the empaths who are the abominations—we should’ve eliminated them from the gene pool. They feed the infection.” (Shield of Winter (book))

Krychek’s Response[]


Silent Voices has styled itself a rebellion. It is nothing of the kind. It is instead a political party with a particular viewpoint. Such a political party has a right to exist in the PsyNet, as do groups representing other interests. Designation E also has a right to exist. However, unlike Silent Voices, the empaths are critical to the survival of the Psy race. The previous Council hid this knowledge, but in light of the current situation, it is imperative that it be shared so that each individual can make an informed decision as to his or her personal viewpoint: The PsyNet cannot survive without the Es. This is not an ideological stance, but proven fact. An attempt to eliminate the empaths from the gene pool was made at the dawn of Silence—it led to the deaths of tens of thousands and to an acute spike in cases of severe mental illness in the population, including criminal insanity. The proof of this fact is in the continued existence of the Es. Designation E would have otherwise been erased three-quarters of a century ago. As a result of the above, any attack on an E will be seen as an attack on the foundations of the PsyNet. Should members of Silent Voices, or any other group, incite others to act against the Es, they will be dealt with as terrorists. Political disagreement is acceptable. Aggression that threatens to collapse the PsyNet is not. -Kaleb Krychek


This group grew out of Pure Psy group, but they disavow the methods of extreme violence espoused by Pure Psy, saying: “Pure Psy went off track”

Book Appearances[]

  • Shield of Winter (book) — Ida Mill and Kaleb Krychek discuss Silence, Purity, etc.
  • Shards of Hope (book) — Ida comments on the PsyNet Beacon livestream:

    I do not agree with the new direction taken by the strongest among us, do not agree with the fall of Silence, but I agree very much with the strength shown by the Arrows. Today’s display by the female Arrow should silence any rumors of the squad going “soft” because of their choice to align themselves with the empaths. Protecting the empaths doesn’t make the Arrows weaker. It makes them even more ruthless. As Kaleb Krychek’s bond with Sahara Kyriakus makes him the same. This is something I’ve come to understand in the past weeks, and it conflicts with my belief that emotions—and in particular, the empaths—are the enemy of our peace. That makes it no less true. As long as the Arrows exist, no one can doubt our strength. Ida Mill, on behalf of Silent Voices (Shards)