Santano Enrique is a Cardinal Tk and a member of the Psy Council.

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Life with Silence Edit

He is a Council member.

His murders Edit

He started his "experiments" sometime before 2079.

He tortures his victims for a week which gives him perverse pleasure. He cuts them 79 times (only the last cut fatal), as an omage to 1979, the year Silence was implemented.

He kills them where they should feel save, their homes or work place for example.

DarkRiver first finds out about him, when Kylie is killed 6 months before. Their investigation leads to his downfall and death.[1]

Known victims: 7 other changeling females (2 in Nevada, 1 in Oregon, 4 in Arizona), Kylie Christensen, Brenna Kincaid (almost)

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Physical Appearance Edit

He is tall and blond with too-pale white skin. He is 60 years old.

Personality and Traits Edit

He is the perfect product of Silence, completely emotionless. A psychopath, coldly vicious serial killer.

He consideres his murders nothing more than interesting experiments.

Abilities and Skills Edit

He is a Cardinal Tk. He is a master at setting mental traps.

He is a member of the Psy Council and has an uneasy alliance with Nikita Duncan.

Family Edit

He is the biological father of Kaleb Krychek.

Relationship Edit

Kaleb Krychek: he takes Kaleb under his wing and lets him watch while he tortures his victims. Santano considers him his own personal weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • his name is of Latin origin
  • he was killed by Hawke, Riley, Andrew, Dorian and Vaughn. Pieces of his body were delivered to each of the Council members.

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  1. Slave to Sensation, ch.10