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Put in place after the fall of the Silence Protocol, the ruling coalition took the place of the defunct, dead, or disgraced Psy Council. It is in place during the Trinity Accord, which supposedly will pave the way for a united federation of psy, humans, and changelings.


Kaleb Krychek, Ivy Jane Zen, Nikita Duncan, Anthony Kyriakus, and Aden Kai. The names of the five who now control the fate of the PsyNet. (Allegiance of Honor)

The faces of the Ruling Coalition appeared on the screen one by one. Kaleb Krychek, Aden Kai, Ivy Jane Zen, Nikita Duncan, and Anthony Kyriakus. And the newest addition, Payal Rao (Last Guard).

The Ruling Coalition is composed of Psy who represent certain populaces. The Arrows were previously represented by Ming in the Psy Council, but Ming pursued his own selfish agenda. Aden now represents the Arrows' collective agenda, which includes protecting Empaths and the PsyNet. Nikita Duncan was added as a "necessary evil," though it is becoming more clear that she was as cutthroat as she was to protect her own daughter. She still tends to go with the old ways, but newer members of the coalition correct her. The head of PsyClan NightStar, Anthony Kyriakus represents the breadth of the Psy populace and the voice of his clan’s F-psy, foreseers. Empath Ivy Jane represents the Empathic Collective, the group of empaths who work on raising the Psy out of Silence and training empaths to use their abilities. Kaleb Krychek holds a seat as the unofficial leader of the PsyNet, but his position is technically equal to the others. When looked at in a certain light, Kaleb practically holds the PsyNet together single-handedly, and for decades, he’s spoken with both the NetMind and its twin, the DarkMind. The newest addition to the coalition is cardinal Payal Rao. She represents the Anchors, essentially speaking up for the health of the entire PsyNet, and the NetMind, and all the psy minds within it.

Meeting Minutes[]

  • A decision for The Arrow Squad to protect the Empaths
  • A decision to reach out to humans for bonding, to heal the PsyNet, and to be open about how the psy need humans
  • A decision to find a way to shield human minds from psy intrusion, in support of a motion by Ivy Jane
  • In Last Guard, a decision to protect newborn anchors, so they aren't mistreated abused or overlooked for being different:

    “We can now ID young As before they initialize.” Payal’s words were massive boulders crashing into the earth. “What we want is the Coalition’s backing to formally tag those children as newborn As and maintain a health watch on them as they grow.” She wasn’t asking their permission, Kaleb thought. The As would do this. They just wanted to know if they’d have the support of the Coalition. “Accepted,” Aden said, speaking for the first time. “If you need Arrow escorts during the checkups, I’ll make them available.” “And if you need Es to scope out the emotional situation,” Ivy Jane added, “you can have us on call.” Arrow-Empath-Anchor.