•  appearance in Slave to Sensation
  • the most senior SnowDancer Lieutenant
  • second in hierarchy only to Hawke
  • nicknamed “the Wall”
  • heavily muscled in his wolf form, built for stubborn endurance
  • uses rigid control to keep his wolf on a tight leash
  • older brother of Brenna and and Andrew Kincaid
  • mother Maeve and father Acton were lieutenants who died protecting the pack
  • raised his younger brother and sister after their parents died
  • blames himself for not keeping Brenna safe after her abduction
  • always planned on having a submissive mate
  • extremely protective
  • the calmer he acts, the angrier he is
  • quiet sense of humor, loved by children
  • practical and grounded, but stubborn and completely focused
  • can take down a fully grown wolf in his human form in mere seconds
  • short deep chestnut hair, chocolate eyes
  • 30 years old
  • father of triplets Isabella Maeve, Acton Lucas and Michael Hawke
  • mate of Mercy Smith

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