Riaz is a lieutenant and works as the pack's business representative. His lover is Adria Morgan.

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Play of Passion Edit

Was attacked by Drew while he was in the mating dance with Indigo.

Kiss of Snow Edit

injured in a PurePsy ambush

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Main article: Tangle of Need (book)

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He is 6ft 2 of solid muscle with dusky brown skin. His left shoulder is tattooed. His eyes are a very pale brown or gold. HIs hair is jet black. He is in his late 20's to early 30's.

His wolf has deep black fur and golden eyes.

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He is strong, intense, determined and very protective. He is also highly dominant. He keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself.

He is a lone wolf and enjoys stretches of solitude and roaming.

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He is a lieutenant and a skilled sniper. He acts as the businees representative of the pack.

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He is the son of Abigail and Jorge Delgado. He has a niece called Marisol. His family is based in San Diego.

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Indigo Riviere: a close friend and former lover

Lisette: his possible mate. He felt the urge, when he first met her, but she is happily married to another human. She was unwilling to pursue a relationship and he accepted that. After beginning his own relationship, he felt the mating bond fate and, later, break away completely.

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