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Rehabilitation is a process that eliminates all emotions from a Psy. It is issued by the Psy Council for Psy who do not comply with Silence. Rehabilitation wipes all emotion, but it can extend into wiping higher level thinking through chemical lobotomization.[1] Those who emerge from rehabilitation are drones. Some emerge drooling. Others never emerge at all. The Psy Council sometimes disguises executions by sending the Psy in question for rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation occurs at the Center.[1] 'Weak' Psy are incarcerated there. Those who emerge are wiped free of emotion and sometimes higher level thinking, and are employed in menial labor, unable to do anything more. Because of the harsh programming in rehabilitation, the Psy Council hesitates to send those whose minds are extremely valuable, such as Ashaya Aleine, whose scientific brilliance would be crushed by the process. No one has successfully rebutted a Council rehabilitation order.



Noted Examples[]


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