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There are three races of homo sapiens in the series. The first is the Psy, a race with a weaker body but incredible mental abilities. The second is humans, who have no distinguishing abilities. The third is the changelings, who have the ability to shift into an animal form and have mental shields.

During the implementation of Silence, some Psy defected, forming the ShadowNet. They interbred with changelings and humans. The part-changeling descendants were absorbed into their respective packs, but the part-human ones formed the Forgotten. The Forgotten are not a separate race, but a hybrid of human and Psy.


The Psy are a race with abilities tied to their minds. Below is a list of designations found within the Psy.

A – Anchor

Most Psy are connected to the PsyNet by a single link, which, is disengaged without connecting to a different neural network, results in death. Anchors, however, have their entire minds connected to the PsyNet with a large number of links, effectively making their minds part of its fabric. Anchors cannot leave the PsyNet except through death. They are largely responsible for maintaining the stability of the PsyNet, with Cardinal Anchors doing the most to keep it that way. Since the onset of silence, Anchors have become susceptible to criminal insanity and a large number of them contribute to the group of serial killers. Because of their value, the Council keeps them alive in spite of their homicidal tendencies. They include Sophia Russo and Kaleb Krychek.

Tk – Telekinesis

  • Telekinetics have the ability to move objects with their minds. Depending on the strength of their ability, measured on the Gradient, some are capable of teleportation. There are two known sub-designations.
  • Tk-Cell: A Tk-Cell has the ability to move things at the cellular level. Some are capable of doing this to their own bodies.
  • Tk-V: Also known as “Travelers,” these Psy are true teleporters and can go from location to location in the blink of an eye. Travelers are extremely rare.

Tp – Telepathy

  • Telepaths are broken up into many sub-designations. Pure Tp-Psy exist at the top end of the spectrum – they can literally send and receive across the world, with a clarity that makes it seem as if they’re standing in the next room. Pure telepaths of that level of power are rare and usually work for the Council.

M – Medical

  • M-Psy have different specializations. The most well-known of their abilities is the power to see inside a body and diagnose illness. Some M-Psy at the far end of the scale have the capacity to see down to the DNA level.
  • An unknown fraction of M-Psy can actually heal, but that healing appears to be limited to low-level injuries (broken bones, cuts etc).

F – Foresight

  • The ability to see glimpses of the future.
  • A variation of Foresight, that still falls within the F-designation, is Backsight – the ability to see the past.

Ps – Psychometry

  • In basic terms, those born with Ps abilities can gain information by touching objects. Ps-Psy will be discussed more in depth later on in the series.

Also mentioned – further information to come in future books:

  • X – A designation that’s been named but not described.
  • The ability to create illusions.
  • The ability to give someone an “electric shock.”

A List of all known Psy can be found here.


What does it look like, how does it work?

Netmind and Darkmind[]

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Information about Changelings, the way they shapeshift, hunt or treat each other. A list of packs (with Alpha/Wingleader/whatever) might be useful as well.

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Shine Institute[]

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