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PurePsy is a Psy terrorist group.


“Pure Psy’s guiding aim is to strengthen and preserve the integrity of Silence, a concept they term Purity. They’ve come to believe that contact with the other races is contaminating us — and that that contamination is a direct cause of the rise in defections and whispers of rebellion.” . .“So Nikita is considered a problem — because of her increasingly strong ties with the changelings.” (Bonds of Justice (book))

To unite the Silent psy and to ensure the continuation of the Silence Protocol . A bigoted organization that glorifies the psy race above all, but only the perfectly unflawed Silent members. Also seeks to keep the psy blood pure, to keep the three races separate: psy, humans, changeling. Ulterior goal is to keep the psy supreme over all.

Invitation to join Pure Psy, an email sent to SnowDancer pack:

We invite our brothers and sisters in SnowDancer to help us achieve our aim of a world of absolute Purity. Surely you do not want your blood polluted with those of the other races —- surely you do not want your pack weakened by humans. (Play of Passion)


Circa 2080. This violent fascist movement began quietly enough, as Purity. It became violent. The pure-blood fervor was incited as a political move, conceived by Henry Scott, Shoshanna Scott, and Ming LeBon, all members of the Psy Council. They never took credit for this, and denied it when asked.

It gained momentum through all the psy who feared the fall of the Silence Protocol would lead to increased insanity and violent crime. This group began to form some time after Sascha Duncan defected in Slave to Sensation (book). The Pure Psy/Purity movement grew in proportion to attacks on the Psy Council, its efforts and its goals, including the neural implant. Attacks came from the Ghost and his two allies, who worked constantly to encourage the fall of Silence.

Suddenly, Pure Psy had sprung into existence as a real threat: “Last we heard, Pure Psy was mostly a splinter faction. Things change fast in that bloody hive mind.” (Play of Passion)

San Francisco Impure[]

Nikita Duncan began accepting non-Silent psy into her city. She tolerates Sophia Russo, a J-psy in love and married. The word got out. SFO became a magnet for those psy who faltered at Silence.

Drew played a pen over his fingers. “The fact that San Francisco is becoming ground zero for Psy who are breaking Silence . . . well, it explains the dead Psy in the city and on the edges of the state, doesn’t it?”. . . “Henry, Shoshanna, and possibly Tatiana have decided that Silence must hold at all costs. They seek to eliminate anyone who goes against that rhetoric.”

Nikita: “It appears Mr. Shannon is correct. They are targeting all of us because I am seen as too liberal in my business dealings with you.” Another pause, and then she met her daughter’s eyes. “And because I no longer support the Protocol.”

(Play of Passion (book))

Anchor Attack[]

The Psy had backups upon backups when it came to anchors—Designation A was the foundation of the entire psychic framework that kept their race alive, the Net far too big to be stable without them. Kill the anchors and the Net would suffer a total collapse, taking everyone with it. (ToN)

In book 11, Tangle of Need (book), Henry Scott and commander Vasquez began to kill anchors and their failsafes. In Canada it was done as a warning to all psy. Many psy died of psychic starvation. Attempts were made on the anchor in San Francisco, an impure city. See Anchors

Pure Psy Leaders[]

  • Henry Scott
  • Shoshanna Scott (covert)
  • Ming LeBon (covert)
  • Andrea Vasquez — 30 years of age. An 8.3 telepath chosen by Henry Scott to command the Pure Psy army. Referred to as the general.

    “Vasquez,” Silver began, after taking a seat opposite his desk, “is a Gradient 8.3 telepath who was placed into Arrow training as a child. However, he was deemed unfit for the squad at age fourteen and reassigned to a regular black ops unit where he served with distinction until his apparent death.”. . . VASQUEZ’S GREATEST SKILL was in going unnoticed. It was part of why Councilor Henry Scott had handpicked him to lead the Pure Psy army before the confrontation with the changelings. The fact Vasquez had survived that annihilation spoke both to his intelligence and his ability to come out on top in any given situation. And the fact he continued to support Pure Psy even as civil war loomed in the PsyNet spoke to his belief that Silence was their race’s only hope for survival. (Tangle of Need)

The Resistance[]

Resisting Pure Psy :

Pure Psy Plots[]

Pure Psy created much of the havoc in several books: