The Council is the governing body of the Psy and oversees the PsyNet. It consists of 7 Psy, with the odd number ensuring there was never a hung vote.[1] It is responsible for maintaining the stability of the Psy and the PsyNet.

"Who punishes the ones who take it too far?"--Lucas Hunter
"The Council."--Sascha Duncan
"But if the Council is wrong?"
"They know everything that goes on in the PsyNet. How could they be wrong?"
"But if no one else has access to all the information, how can they be held accountable?"
"Who holds you accountable? Who punishes the alpha?"
"If I break Pack law, the sentinels will take me down. Who takes down your Council?"
"They are Council. They are above the law." [2]
The Psy Council was composed of secretive, cutthroat Psy. Some appeared not to have great psychic ability, but these Psy were some of the most dangerous. It meant they were good at eliminating the competition and only leaving enough evidence for the other Councilors to appreciate their ruthlessness and elect them as a new member.

They are meant to be available to the public, though the path to them is lined with assistants and guards.[3] Unlike most Psy, a portion of a Councilor's mind is always active on the PsyNet, because they have to keep up with the data.

Councilors are based around the world. Enrique, Nikita, Tatiana, and Anthony are all based in California. Kaleb is based in Moscow. Ming is based in Europe. 

Council Members Edit

Member Designation Service began Service ended Why service ended Replaced by Allied with Nominated by
Marshall Hyde Cardinal 2080 Anthony Kryiakus
Santano Enrique Cardinal Tk 2079 Killed by SnowDancer and DarkRiver Kaleb Krychek
Ming LeBon Cardinal Tp-combat
Nikita Duncan Tp (viral transmitter)
Tatiana Rika-Smythe 8.7
Henry Scott 9.5
Shoshanna Scott 9.5
Kaleb Krychek Cardinal 2079 Nikita Duncan (as of 2080)
Anthony Kyriakus 2080

Nominations Edit

In order to become a Councilor, you have to be nominated by a current Councilor for an open position. Only two positions are filled in the series.

Replacing Santano Enrique Edit

Nominees: Kaleb Krychek (nominated by ), Faith Nightstar (nominated by ), M-Psy from India

Faith defected from the PsyNet, and thus only Kaleb was left to fill the position.

Replacing Marshall Hyde Edit

Nominees: Anthony Kyriakus

Other Notes Edit

Henry is perceived as the weaker part of the political Scott marriage.

Santano Enrique, followed by Kaleb Kychek, were the Councilors responsible for corralling the DarkMind.

References Edit

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