• first appearance in Slave to Sensation
  • DarkRiver Sentinel since age 26
  • one of the highest ranking members of either DarkRiver or SnowDancer
  • spent a couple of years in medical school
  • works for a DarkRiver / SnowDancer funded communications network
  • fiery and passionate
  • fit, lethal, and able to take down most men twice her size
  • kills the Psy assassin sent to kill Ashaya Aliene
  • badly injured in a Human Alliance bombing
  • very overprotective of her brothers Bastien, Sage and Grey Smith
  • daughter of Lia and Michael Smith
  • tall and shapely, with waist length red hair, golden eyes
  • rich cream skin with a hint of gold
  • 28 years old
  • mother of triplets Isabella Maeve, Acton Lucas and Michael Hawke Smith-Kincaid
  • mate of Riley Kincaid

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