Psy/Changeling Wiki

Romantic partners in the Psy-Changeling universe are able to form permanent mental bonds with each other. These bonds change slightly depending on the races of the participants.


In pairings involving Changelings[]

For couples where one or both is changeling, the process of recognising and forming a psychic bond with a mate is referred to as the mating dance. In this males will recognise that a person (changeling, human or psy), is their mate and females will decide whether to allow a psychic bond to form. Both parties can choose to block this process if they wish, as shown in Tangle of need.

In parings involving Psy[]

In pairings where both are psy, they fall in love and consciously or unconsciously allow a psychic bond to form when the relationship becomes permanent. In pairings where only one is psy and the other is human, a purely subconscious psychic link appears to form, as described with Max and Sophia from Alligance of honor onwards.

Known bonded couples[]