Lucas Hunter is the alpha and hunter of DarkRiver changling pack. Under his 10 years of leadership as alpha, DarkRiver has become one of the strongest packs in the nation, if not the world. He controls San Francisco and the surrounding areas.

He is 33 years old as of Slave to Sensations.

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Childhood Edit

Born into DarkRiver in 2046 to Shayla, pack healer, and Carlo Hunter, a sentinel.

He and his parents were captured during a family run by a roaming leopard clan called ShadowWalkers when he was barely 13. Shayla was killed during the struggle, Lucas and Carlo were captured and tortured for 4 days, forced to witness his parents' death. He barely survived, having sustained many broken bones and claw slashes, his face mangled beyond recognition if it wasn't for the Hunter marks.

It was the start of a kind of martial law, where DarkRiver people never left the group and stayed out of trouble

Life pre-books Edit

When he was 18 (5 years after his parents' death), he tracked down the ShadowWalker changelings responsible for his parents' death with his future sentinels. Together they tracked down every singe adult male ShadowWalker leopard. When they were done, ShadowWalker ceased to exist.

He becomes alpha at 23, when Lachlan stepped down. Since then 10 years has passed, and has won over San Francisco and has become the dominant pack. He has also negotiated a nonaggression pact with SnowDancer.

Not wanting to feel vulnerable, Lucas had limited his contact to females and had had no longterm relationshup with anyone in hope of not finding his mate.

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Main article: Slave to Sensation (book)

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His daughter Nadiya "Naya" Shayla Hunter is born.

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He is well over 6ft tall and built like a fighting machine with shoulder length black hair, golden skin and green eyes. He is in his mid-thirties. The right side of his face is marred by four jagged lines like claw marks, and he has a hunting leopard tattoo on his upper arm.

His voice is low and a little rough.

His leopard form is black, the rosettes barely shining through in the light, with green eyes.

Personality and Traits Edit

He is playful, but deadly, intelligent and shrewd. He is intensely dominant.

Ever since his parents' death, the thought of having his own mating bond and being so vulnerable had him on edge.

Abilities and Skills Edit

He can sense when a Psy is using telepathy around him because he is 1/16 Psy.

He and Sascha have a telepathic connection, which grew exponentially while Sascha was pregnant.

He is a prominent member of Trinity and sits on the Ruling Coalition, speaking for all Changelings. The choice was between Lucas and Hawke to take the seat. Hawke pushed for Lucas because Luc has a more diplomatic personality and also has a vested interest in uniting the three races, since he is the father of the first Psy-Changeling child.

Family Edit

His parents Shayla and Carlo were killed by the ShadowWalker leopard clan. His great-great-grandmother was Psy.

He has a child with his mate, Sascha Duncan Hunter, who is called Nadiya “Naya” Shayla Hunter, named for her Russian mother and grandmother’s heritage and Lucas’ deceased mother. She is both Psy and changeling and shifted into a black panther with green eyes a week before turning one.

Relationships Edit

His parents: as any changeling family, they all were close. When he had to watch them both die (his mother first, then his father after he rescued him), it changed him in a fundamental way. Still, he tries to remember the good parts and talks to them in hope for guidance. He still visits his parents' grave every year on the same day.

Sascha Duncan: his mate. They first met in “Slave to Sensation” when Sascha thought she was a flawed Psy. Even much later in the series, Lucas has an aversion to Sascha referencing or remembering her flaws, in any way. In the first book of the series, Lucas was intent on using Sascha to track down a Psy serial killer in the Net, initially justifying his using an innocent Psy because Pack meant more than one stranger. Witnessing Sascha’s strength and courage, he eventually chooses Sascha over everyone, even risking war with the SnowDancers when he punched Hawke for insulting Sascha.

His sentinels: He has the complete loyalty of his sentinels. Going out with them to kill the ShadowWalkers, it has bonded them very closely. He trusts all of them with his life.

Hawke Snow: Starting off with a nonaggression pact, the two alphas first struggled to be around each other. But the more contact they had, their relationship developed more, leaving them as close friends - although they hate when people point it out. Still, Hawke's favourite pasttime is antagonizing Lucas by flirting with Sascha, calling her darling and bringing her gifts. This now extends to Naya, when he gave her a stuffed wolf as a baby gift, which Naya sleeps with and always has to have close by. The two packs eventually became family with the birth of Mercy and Riley’s “pupcubs” in “Allegiance of Honor.”

Kit: as a future alpha, Lucas keeps a close eye on him without caging him in. Kit is allowed to learn from Lucas without having to skip his childhood. When Kit goes roaming, Lucas knows and wishes him well. Silently, he ackowledges that Kit will always be Pack and knows he’s loyal enough to eventually request to become one of Luc’s Sentinels. While Lucas would be proud to have him in that position, he knows he won’t accept when the time comes. Kit has the makings for a phenomenal Alpha and Lucas won’t stifle that potential.

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