• first appearance in Caressed by Ice
  • SnowDancer pack healer
  • neither dominant nor submissive, but one of the most sensitive people in the pack
  • has the near encyclopaedic memory of most healers about their patients
  • able to calm and sooth both young and old
  • young, but extremely competent
  • puts everyone else’s needs before her own
  • close friends with Ava Stone
  • develops the ability to hear Walker Lauren telepathically through the mate bond
  • fine-boned, with high cheekbones
  • tawny brown eyes, dark tan golden skin
  • small but curvy
  • corkscrew curled black hair with glints of red
  • around 30 years old
  • daughter of Mack and Aisha
  • granddaughter of Dalton and Emeline
  • mate of Walker Lauren

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