The Forgotten are the descendants of Psy who resisted the Silence. They left the PsyNet creating the smaller ShadowNet. While only some of the original defectors were of mixed race or had mixed race children within two generations none were purely Psy. Some require feed back but others don't. Some have Psy abilities of various strengths, others have amplified human abilities and some have no discernable gift. After the ShadowNet was created the defectors went into hiding, those who didn't need feed back scattered. They hid so well that most people don't realize they ever existed, and even their descendants don't always remember what they are thus "the Forgotten". They recently created the Shine Foundation to identify and aid the Lost Ones, especially the underprivileged. Like the Psy they have some predisposition to mental instability. Some are misdiagnosed with various illnesses because of their Psy traits.

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