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The Forgotten are the descendants of Psy who resisted the Silence Protocol. They left the PsyNet in 1973, before the proposed Silence became mandate in 1979. To hide from the Psy Council and yet survive with psychic feedback, they created the ShadowNet. The Psy Council hunted them relentlessly, and still does so, especially Councilor Ming LeBon.

While only some of the original defectors were of mixed race or had mixed race children within two generations, none were purely Psy. Some Forgotten require psychic bio feedback, a biological necessity for the Psy, but others don't. Some have Psy abilities of various strengths, others have amplified human abilities and some have no discernable gift. After the ShadowNet was created, the defectors went into hiding, and those who didn't need the bio feedback scattered. They hid so well that most people don't realize they ever existed, and even their descendants don't always remember what they are, thus being called "the Forgotten". Some powerful members of the Forgotten recently created the Shine Foundation to identify and aid the Lost Ones, especially the underprivileged. Like the Psy, they have some predisposition to mental instability. Some are misdiagnosed with various illnesses because of their Psy traits.


  • Devraj Santos - Director of the Shine Foundation — affinity for metal, eyes look metallic bronze and gold
  • Jack — Dev’s cousin, father of tk-cell William, age 7
  • Katya Haas, married to Dev, previously an M-Psy who worked with Ashaya Aleine
  • Aubrey, Vice-Director of Shine - “Women like Aubry.” Age, culture, class, none of it mattered. The other man walked into a room and women smiled.
  • Maggie — Dev’s secretary
  • Dr Glen Herriford, doctor for Shine children and personnel
  • Connor - medical doctor for Shine
  • Ava — education director
  • Aryan — a Guardian for Shine kids. He has low level tp ability
  • Tag - tp
  • Tiara - tp

“Tag and Tiara were the strongest telepaths in the ShadowNet—the neural network created by the original rebels when they dropped from the PsyNet—but even their range was limited to a distance comparable to the length and breadth of the United States.” (BoM)

  • Talin McKade - she worked for Shine, a guardian. She counseled the forgotten orphans and street kids, mated with Clay Bennett, a DarkRiver sentinel
  • Jonquil "Jon" Duschlaya — Shine teenager with extremely high tp ability, found in orphanage in Iowa. “Mother had to be one of us, too, if the kid’s a true telepath.” “Aryan tracked her records down. Her great-great-grandmother was part of the original rebel group.” (BoM) Jon has violet eyes and a charismatic voice. Lives in DarkRiver pack with Tally and Clay and Noor
  • Noor Hassan, a little girl with medical abilities, a twin harmonizer, DarkRiver, adopted by Tally and Clay
  • Cruz — 10 years old in Blaze of Memory, cardinal tp with no shields. Sascha Duncan teaches him to,shield. Mother was direct descendant of the original rebels who fled the Net before the Silence Protocol, the Forgotten. Both parents died in car accident and he was put into state care facility in Des Moines, Iowa. He is a true telepath, so he heard voices, and so he was diagnosed schizophrenic.

“Kid was in a state home.” Glen’s voice was tight. “Parents died in a car crash, leaving him an orphan. The grandparents apparently never passed on the fact that the father was descended from the Forgotten, so the poor kid’s been doped up on meds most of his life for his apparent schizophrenia.” Anger roiled in Dev’s gut. That knowledge should never have been lost. All the Forgotten who’d scattered after the Council began hunting them had been told to keep precise records for the very reason that latent genes could awaken with devastating results in their children. (Blaze of Memory)