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The Emapathic Collective is the "union" of designation E Psy. The elected head of the organization is Ivy Jane Zen. They are allied with the Arrow Squad, who are sworn to protect them.


The Empathic Collective was formed to make sure the needs of Empaths, who have an important role in keeping the PsyNet functional, are being met. Members of the organization pay dues. They are represented on the Ruling Council by Ivy Jane Zen.



Advisory Board[]

Ivy Jane is elected President. Her advisory board:

TWO weeks later, the newly formed Empathic Collective unanimously voted Ivy in as president. Five other empaths from around the world, including Sascha Duncan, were voted in as her advisory board. Sahara Kyriakus was asked to continue on in her role as a specialist, and an invitation was extended to Alice Eldridge to come onboard as a consultant as and when she wished. (Shield of Winter)


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Ivy Jane Zen
Jaya Storm
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