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EmNet, also know as the Emergency Network organization, mobilizes support from all three races to deal with emergencies. It is led by Silver Mercant.


This Emergency Network organization mobilizes support from and for all three races to deal with major emergencies, natural disasters and catastrophes, neural PsyNet collapses, etc. It works in collaboration with other signatories of the Trinity Accord, serving all three races. This includes the Arrows, the major Changeling Groups, the Human Alliance, the Ruling Coalition, and numerous other group.


This emergency relief organization came into prominence when the PsyNet began to fall apart due to the Pure Psy attacks on Anchors and the infections caused by the Silence Protocol.


Headquarters are in downtown Moscow


first major appearance begins with Heart of Obsidian (book)


Silver Silence (book) is the coordinator. Sahara Kyriakus provides translating services when needed. The Arrow Squad is on call when needed, as is Kaleb Krychek, etc.