Dorian Christensen is a DarkRiver leopard and sentinel. He is described and looking like a stereotypical blonde surfer, being rather muscular. His mate is Ashaya Aleine.

He is for most of the series "latent" meaning he is unable to physically manifest is leopard. He rises to the position of sentinel despite this studying martial arts and becoming a expert marksmen. He is a brilliant hacker and licensed architect, leading Tally to dub him "boy genius" despite repeat threat to dunk her in ice water if she continues. he is badly effected by the death of his sister wanting to torture Sasha for information.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Life with Silence Edit

In college, he once slept with a Psy who considered it as an experiment; he describes it as fucking a block of ice.

After his sister was murdered, his rage and hatred for the Psy started to devour him.

Books Edit

Slave to Sensation Edit

When he first meets Sascha, he hates her like he does all Psy.

They start to form a close bond after she uses her Empath powers to take his mental pain and starts to help him heal.

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Physical Appearance Edit

He looks like a surfer. White-blond hair, blue eyes and golden skin.

Personality and Traits Edit

Being a latent leopard, this shaped his entire life. Feeling inadequate and not a "true" leopard, he forced himself to excel at everything he does. He single-mindedly worked until he was the best. The reason he has a pilot license is that no one else in DarkRiver had one. He feels his pretty looks are just another thing to overcome.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Being a latent leopard most of his life, Dorian instead decided to be the best at everything else. He is the best sharpshooter of either DarkRiver of SnowDancer, an electronics genius and has a helicopter pilot license.

Family Edit

He had a sister, Kylie Christensen, who was murdered by Santano Enrique.

Relationships Edit


Sascha: getting off a rocky start, she becomes one of his favorite people.

Ashaya Aleine: his mate

Keenan: having fatherly feeling towards the boy as soon as he meets him, it gets only deeper as time passes.

Trivia Edit

  • his favourite shirt, a gift from Talin, says "upcoming work..." on the front and "...killing people" on the back[1]
  • He hates being called Blondie or Wonderboy.
  • He is Sascha's favorite sentinel.

Quotes Edit

"You don't have the right to be tired. When you can write her name on a memorial, when you can honor her blood, then you have earned the right."
- Dorian to Vasic after finding a murdered family in their home and the teleporter as the cleaning crew. (Hostage to Pleasure, ch.27)

References Edit

  1. translation from the German book


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