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The Consortium is an antagonist in the series, run by The Architect, beginning about the time when the Psy Council loses power.


The Consortium is a covert, shadowy organization compromised of all three races whose purpose is to oppose the Trinity Accord and the Ruling Coalition. The Consortium is led by The Architect.

The Consortium was conceived and created by the Architect, for one purpose: Power. Power for the Architect only.


The Architect is anonymous and unknown to everyone in the Consortium. The members are also anonymous, except to the Architect. Communication is always obscured, cloaked. They use an abandoned chat room, a voice mangler, etc etc

The Architect sent out the message via the anonymized chat room they currently used to communicate. It was clunky and old-fashioned, but it was also close to impossible to hack.(Silver Silence)



Members & Associates[]

THE ARCHITECT is the secretive leader of the Consortium. Identity unknown. Probably female and psy, according to Akshay Patel (Silver Silence). The Architect selected the members for their greed, influence, and ruthless ambition:

The Architect made an excellent decision in bringing together the world’s most ruthless and power-hungry people, people who cared nothing for morality or peace when those things didn’t serve their bottom line, but there was an inherent weakness in any such group: these individuals could not be trusted. They were also fully capable of taking an action that went against the better interests of the group if such an action would help them on a personal level. (Silver Silence)

  • AKSHAY PATEL - Akshay Patel is a human business mogul, masterminded Silver’s murder. Akshay and his brother-in-law, a former special operative and close friend. He is, I assume, driven by the same motive as you—the psychic rape of your wife.”(Silver Silence)
  • HAPMA — Humans Against Psy Manipulation. “Only contact I had was with a man named David Fournier.” (SS, ch 47)
  • THE INFORMATION MERCHANT (Branded by Fire, book 6) — worked for pay, for the corrupt chairman of Human Alliance, was killed by a Psy, perhaps the formative Architect of the Consortium?
  • THE HUMAN PATRIOT did not work with the Architect, but does similar dark deeds — bombing Moscow. So could he be Akshay Patel? (Silver Silence)

Three Consortium power players tracked using Cray’s intel. Two are in custody. The third was killed when she decided to respond with weapons drawn. —Abbot Storm, Strike Team Epsilon, to Aden Kai (AN)


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