• first appearance in Slave to Sensation
  • DarkRiver Sentinel
  • pretended to be fully human for most of his childhood because his mother Isla could not stand to see him in his Leopard form
  • Talin McKade’s friend and protector as a child
  • imprisoned from age 14 – 18 for killing child molester and killer Orrin Henderson
  • pulled into the DarkRiver pack by Nathan “Nate” Ryder at 18
  • one of the three pack members who helped Lucas Hunter attack the ShadowWalkers
  • seen as cold and as emotionless as the Psy, but spent much of his life filled with rage
  • can hide his animal nature better than most in the pack
  • has an intimidating presence
  • was close to going rogue, only his devotion to pack kept him sane
  • a supervisor for DarkRiver Construction
  • in his mid 30’s
  • almost 6 foot 4
  • has a hunter tattoo on his right bicep, sleeping leopard tattoo on his left shoulder blade
  • dark brown gold skin, deep green eyes, pitch black hair
  • mate of Talin “Tally” McKade
  • adopted father of Jonquil “Jon” Duchslaya and Noor Hassan

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