Brenna Kincaid is a SnowDancer wolf changeling and mate of Judd Lauren.

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After her parents died protecting the pack, she and her brothers were raised by rest of the pack. Her oldest brother Riley took it upon himself to raise them.

She finished school at 15. At uni, she studied repair and maintenance of computronic systems. She is the creator of a theory involving teleportation.


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Caressed by Ice Edit

Brenna was taken by Santano Enrique, who not only tortured and abused her but experimented on her and altered her mind. She spent months recovering from the violation and was able to see visions of death afterwards.

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She is 20 years old (as of Caressed by Ice). She has straight blonde hair and brown eyes shot through with arctic blue. She stands at 5 foot 4.

In her wolf form, she has soft gray fur.

Personality and Traits Edit

She is determined and strong willed.

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She has very good computer skills.

Family Edit

Her parents are Maeve and Acton. They were both SnowDancer lieutenants and died during an attack.

She has two older brothers, Riley and Andrew, who are bonded to Mercy and Indigo, respectively.

Relationships Edit

Riley: Brother

Drew: Brother

Judd Lauren: her mate.

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unless statet otherwise, the source is Caressed by Ice.

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