Andrew Kincaid is the tracker of the SnowDancer wolves.

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He is the middle child between Riley and Brenna.

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He was () when he lost his parents. Riley took over

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Caressed by Ice Edit

He was one of the first people on the murder scene.

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He is 6ft 2 with a muscular but graceful built and is in his mid 20`s. His eyes are lake blue and his skin golden.

His wolf has silver fur and copper eyes.

Personality and Traits Edit

Drew is very fun guy. Everyone knows and likes him. He can be quite charming.

He's quick to make friends and is well respected.

On the other side, he is very good at hiding his emotions. His

Abilities and Skills Edit

His social skills are incredible. He is able to relate to everyone regardless of rank and dominance which helps him keep track of what's happening around the den, functioning as Hawke's "eyes and ears".

He is the tracker and hunter of the SnowDancers since he was born with the uncanny ability to track his packmates. This means if wolves go rogue, he has to catch them and - if necessary - take them down.

He is also a good negotiator which is why he is the liaison between SnowDancer and WindHaven.

He controlled the volatile San Diego sector of SnowDancer’s territory

Family Edit

His parents are Maeve and Acton Kincaid. They were both lieutenants who died protecting the pack, so they all were raised by the entire pack.

Family means a lot to him. After losing his parents, he grew very close to Riley and Brenna. While his relationship with Riley is quite antagonistic, he is overprotective of Brenna.

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Indigo: They got mated in 2081.

Trivia Edit

  • He got shot twice and almost died both times. (Once in Caressed by Ice, once in Play of Passion.)
  • His rank in the pack is hard to define as his dominance fluctuates and is still growing.

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