Adria Morgan is a senior soldier and lover of Riaz Delgado.

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She left the den at 18, but returned during the battle with Pure Psy.

She was in a relationship with Martin, which turned south after a while when he could not deal with her dominant personality, Unable to let go herself, they spent years trapped in this toxic relationship, her questioning her own self-worth.

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Play of Passion Edit

Her and Martin show up for family dinner that Drew attends with Indigo. Unkown to all, they had already broken up by that time, but kept on the pretense. The tension is palpable by all.

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Tangle of Need Edit

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She is tall with long legs, in her early 30's and has midnight dark hair. Her eyes are a violet blue with streaks of gold in them. Her voice is naturally husky.

She is often mistaken for Indigo, who looks a lot like her.

Personality and Traits Edit

She is a maternal dominant. Her need to protect and nurture is so strong and aggressive in her that she could not be happy being a full-time maternal, so they trained her as a soldier as well.

She is calm, level headed and sensible.

She loves to solve puzzles of any kind.

Abilities and Skills Edit

She is a SnowDancer senior soldier. She is one of the most senior people in the den. Due to her status, she works best with novice soldiers and submissives, which pleases her maternal side.

Her skils include martial arts, a certification on mechanics and an expert climber.

Family Edit

She is the daughter of Felicity and Cullan Morgan. She has an older sister, Tarah. Being a surprise child, her niece Indigo is actually closer in age to her than Tarah. They grew up more like siblings. She has another niece, Evangeline Riviere.

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Indigo Riviere:

Riaz Delgado:

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